Billionaire Branson may invest in Indias iron horse

first_imgSir Richard Branson has expressed an interest to invest in India’s national transporter, the Railways, just as the cash-strapped service considers the feasibility of private backing to spark a revival.The Virgin Group founder was visiting India last month to relaunch Virgin Atlantic’s airlines service on the Mumbai-London route. Branson said that he would certainly like to invest in the high-speed passenger services of the Railways if there were opportunities, according to The Hindu Business Line.India Railways minister C P Joshi seems to be pushing the United Progressive Alliance’s reforms agenda, including the encouragement of private investment, according to The Times of India.Branson already holds heavy investment in British Rail franchise Virgin Rail and an expansion to invest in India’s popular transport system seems like a logical manoeuvre for the billionaire magnate.“It is funny. My foray into British Rail scene was after a journalist asked me whether I would enter the railways,” Sir Richard said.“The day after I saw the news flashed in the media. It was then that I found the numbers of British Rail authorities and started calling them.”One of the options Branson may consider supporting is on the lines of the UK rail market where the infrastructure ownership stays with the Indian Railways and there are train operating companies. When asked if he would ever invest in the India’s airline market Branson said it would take a “brave man” to invest in the country’s aviation sector in the backdrop of “bleeding airlines”.Indian Railways recently signed an agreement with Spain to explore the possibility of introducing bullet train service and improve rail safety throughout the country. Sir Richard Branson has expressed interest in India Railways. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.Tlast_img