More than one domain name more than one chance of wealth

2008 Olympic Games lead unlimited business opportunities, more than one domain name an opportunity, a wealth of

in the face of the upcoming Beijing Olympic business opportunities continue to emerge, more and more people start to invest in stocks, funds and other financial means, but for companies and enterprises have what good method can add some business opportunities for their own companies and enterprises? That’s the better publicity publicity to let more people know about their company and there are many methods but in the information age so essential registered domain name became the new darling of diversiform. read more

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Taobao lottery or Alipay

Legal Evening News (reporter Ping shadow shadow)

Taobao’s $36 million

"package" tomorrow all Shuangseqiu combination, and give a free mobile phone Taobao client users. Pocketed the eye at the same time, also attracted many consumers question: whether the about 17000000 lottery tickets to all sent out? If a prize, how to change the


Legal Evening News reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of Taobao.

award bonuses or also sent to the Alipay

on weekdays, in the Taobao online purchase Shuangseqiu "purchasing" and "buy" in two ways. read more

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Tencent business started 1020 snapped to challenge Tmall Jingdong

[introduction] activity, easy fast network 3C products will greatly benefit, will be issued 100 million full Netcom with coupons.

Tencent Francisco October 17th news, today held in the headquarters of the Shenzhen electric Tencent media communication conference announced, will begin a 5 day "1020 day" activities from October 20th berserk.

The general manager of Tencent

business department Hou Yanping said, from this year, after a year in October 20th will become the largest electricity supplier Tencent Online Shopping Festival, and expect the Tencent and Tmall electric 1020 berserk Festival Double 11, Jingdong 618 to become one of the important components of China three online shopping festival. read more

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Cross border electricity supplier hundred counties open recruitment of members

November 27, 2015, global cross-border electricity supplier Optics Valley forum and The Belt and Road "summit, invited more than 100 counties leadership and the Commerce Department official came to the scene. In Shishou City as the representative of the 24 counties and the network to the cloud provider global information technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. jointly launched a cross-border electricity supplier hundred county alliance "initiative, seize the" The Belt and Road "and the two great opportunities for cross-border business transformation and upgrading, advocate a close cooperation between County economy to build new cross-border electricity supplier. The strength and pattern of the new! After several months of preparation, the hundred County Alliance secretariat was formally established, the Secretariat for the union permanent executive body, responsible for the daily work of the alliance, the network cloud provider company to assume the duties of a County Economic Cooperation Organization Baotuan was born read more

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Their big data report eleven on the eve of the bed in big wave

said the gold nine silver ten, actually refers to not only the real estate market, including the wedding market. I believe a lot of people on the eve of the national day received a red bomb, some people still more than one oh. In all the sub categories in the wedding market. It is the hottest, bedding, this result is unexpected, but it seems reasonable.

According to the business electricity supplier

large data sent from the "information Cube" seen on the display, bedding extremely popular in September, sales volume is more than the sum of sales during the first half of the year. As of press time ago, Taobao bedding sub categories in September sales of more than 1340000000 (the number is not 1 billion 340 million), sales exceeded 20 million read more

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Rookie Adsense talk about how to choose a good domain name

how to choose a good domain name how to choose a good domain name has been the webmaster and M agricultural rice merchants concern. Choose a good domain name largely directly affects your site traffic and repeat.

today we have to choose a good domain name to talk about personal opinions, hope for beginners webmaster friends to provide some help. Many do not speak to the point.

Many people love

domain called corn and rice, the origin of this name is rhyme and do domain name trading these people developed. As agricultural meters rice merchants, not necessarily know much about meters, many meters of investment are holding a bag of rice to starve! Why so close! There are a few years since the yuan cn meters the rise of the rapid development of the Internet, so many people have joined the industry to come to a roadside shoeshine, maybe there are a few hands feel good. This is the trend of development of rice, is not necessarily a bad a digital meter selection read more

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Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of several old customer marketing methods

to open shop in the Taobao business, if the operation for a period of time will be found to get traffic is very difficult, if it is to promote it through paid price will be very high, for example, do the train promotion need at least 1 yuan to get a flow, and different industries, input-output ratio is not the same, like women’s clothing industry can do 1:2 is a very good result. As a result, a lot of people come to the conclusion that the cost of winning new orders is too high. Smart businesses will turn to do the old customer marketing, from the relevant survey data show that the new customer acquisition cost is 4 times, so the old customers, old customers do the marketing is critical to the survival and development of the shop. Following with the Tmall’s flagship store and other categories of some practical experience and everyone to share, hope to inspire. read more

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Li Guoqing there is no winner vertical electric providers also have the opportunity to

(Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center, Li Guoqing Deng Ya Ping, Zhou Hongyi News) the internet conference participation in the roundtable session. CEO Li Guoqing said at the meeting, the mobile Internet of electronic commerce changes far-reaching, e-commerce in the future will continue to develop to the personalization and booking way to win a single giant market is impossible.

Li Guoqing said that the more powerful the more diversified companies, will leave a lot of vacuum, which is the opportunity for vertical electricity supplier. In the past two years, the electricity supplier price war did not lose too much vertical electricity supplier companies, will soon see the next round of opportunities. read more

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Google Chinese domain name holder is actually a student

When the Google Chinese name news conference is in progress, and has not yet announced the Chinese name, has been registered "Google company" and "Google. Net" and "", "Google.Cn network". After careful tracking, finally contacted registered the name of Peng Tongxue of Hainan University.

also according to media reports, Google powerful search Chinese guy — Baidu Robin Li believes that "today what is Yahoo in China, you basically can also imagine, five years after Google was probably just like this."

because of some special channel, I know Google to change the name of the Chinese message in advance.

I am read more

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Three cross border electricity supplier service platform appeared regulatory Era

[Abstract] customs promulgated 56, Document No. 57, explicitly mentioned commercial enterprises or individuals can be set, the tax rebate settlement distributed use of cross-border electricity providers customs clearance service platform. So far, the cross-border electricity supplier service platform began to be widespread concern in the industry.

billion state power network has learned, at present, the main there are three types of cross-border electricity supplier services platform, they are cross-border customs clearance service platform, cross-border electricity supplier of public service platform and integrated service platform for cross-border electricity supplier. read more

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