The twelve plenary session of the provincial Party committee in Xining the successful closing of th

8 16, the Communist Party of China Qinghai province committee of the twelfth plenary meeting in Xining, the successful closing of the twelfth. The meeting examined and adopted the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee Working Rules, arrangements for the current focus of work. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

Wang Xiao, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng, Provincial Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee of the CPC Committee, Mr. Dorje Geltan, President of the State Council of the people’s Republic of China, and the meeting of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China (CPC), such as: Mr. Li, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on. read more

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Xining evening news matchmaking rescued children’s family yesterday met with the hero

on January 2nd and 3, the newspaper on young children in the people’s Park, Rui Hu Lake was rescued by the public’s exclusive coverage, causing a high degree of social concern. The drowning young children Ruirui family after seeing the report, the first time to make a banner like Xining Evening News: "social cohesion, transfer of great beauty Qinghai". In January 5th 17, through the matchmaking, Rachel’s family saw the rescuer, and specially customized banner to the hands of the rescuer. read more

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Province to invest 20 million yuan to establish a long term mechanism for prevention and control of

reporter recently learned from relevant departments, the second half of this year, Qinghai province will invest 28 million yuan in primary hydatid disease prevention on the basis of funds, increase capital investment, to arrange 20 million yuan for the prevention and control of epidemic epidemic area of hydatid disease, the establishment of long-term mechanism of hydatid disease prevention and control.

in recent years, the province’s investment in prevention and control of hydatid disease continues to increase. According to incomplete statistics, only health and family planning major public health special investment in the prevention and control of hydatid disease funds on more than 150 million yuan. Governments at all levels in accordance with the actual situation of the prevention and control of hydatid disease, the prevention and treatment of hydatid disease required funds included in the annual budget to give protection. And strive for the integration of prevention and control of the equipment, in 2015 invested more than 1000 yuan, equipped with ultra low temperature refrigerator, hydatid disease detection microplate reader, constant temperature water bath box and other necessary equipment, laboratory equipment and screening equipment. Equipped with epidemic monitoring vehicles to improve the efficiency of patient treatment and prevention and control work. read more

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Wang Jianjun in the provincial authorities two learning to do training sessions for special counsel

5, 3, the provincial authorities, "learn to do a" learning and training of Party branch secretary will be held at the Qinghai Convention Center in. Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee in the form of lectures made special counseling. He stressed that the basic method to grasp the significance, basic requirements, and solve the "why" or "what" and "how to grasp", promoting "two a" study and education, to fully implement strictly required to each party branch. read more

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Strengthen guidance and pay close attention to the weak links to improve the quality of basic data

Xining population and Family Planning Commission will be identified in March as the basic data quality improvement month"

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Xining population and Family Planning Commission in March will be identified as the basic data quality improvement month". Committee staff led by the Commission is divided into three research teams, since March 9th, the depth of the district and county population and family planning work carried out supervision and research.

deputy director He Yongsheng led the business offices staff a line of 5 people, from March 10th to March 16th, the work of Chengdong District, Chengzhong District, West District, North District and Dongchuan Industrial Park 5 areas of research, and focus on the flow of population and family planning work of the county population information system data base the entry of floating population, the PADIS subsystem application such as supervision and guidance. Research found that in 2011 the work area, clear ideas work focused, population and family planning management of the floating population full understanding, statistics, information construction and service system construction work to make specific arrangements and deployment. Chengdong district based on "data quality month" activities as an opportunity to strengthen the village (community) for registration, entry of the floating population, to supplement and improve the population information in the region, advocating the "four heart" service, namely: patience, understanding, love, sincerely for the majority of the floating population, to provide quality convenient service, the district population and Family Planning Bureau issued a "floating population make the floating population equal East District Service Card", indicating the cardholder can enjoy the technical services for family planning contraceptive service and preferential policies for free in this area; North District Family Planning Bureau conscientiously implement the "norms of the floating population in Xining city community activity", proposed the "four project", namely: the establishment of a street demonstration window of floating population and explore the establishment of a market in a floating population, a one-stop management mode The floating population association, to create a floating population tracking service management, to achieve full coverage of family planning services of the floating population; the city, West and Dongchuan Industrial Park also developed their own care, care of floating population and demonstration community construction, equal service etc.. read more

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Provincial government held information technology leading group meeting

7 7, the provincial government held a government information leading group meeting examined and approved in principle the "2016 -2017 year the provincial government informationization key arrangement" and "Qinghai province e-government cloud platform construction plan". Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor, provincial government information leading group Zhang Guangrong attended the meeting and delivered a speech, deputy governor, deputy chief of the provincial government information leading group chaired the meeting Gao Hua. read more

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Xining 10 regulations to promote the rule of law Huimin project

Reporters from the municipal legislative affairs office was informed that this year, Xining city municipal government office in accordance with the legal system to establish and perfect the system to meet the requirements of economic and social development, and the stability of the legislation and reform of government development closely together, focus on solving problems of hot issues in economic development, problems and Reform in the people’s attention adhere to scientific and democratic legislation. Up to now, a total of 3 organizations to draft, review of local regulations, government regulations, 7.

among them, "Xining City Food Waste Management Ordinance amendment", "Xining urban planning regulations", "Xining measures investigate illegal passenger vehicle" and other laws and regulations system, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, providing institutional support to build clean and beautiful environment, livable industry city living environment; China has made "Xining Air Pollution Control Ordinance", "Xining City motor vehicle exhaust pollution control management measures", "Xining city civilized construction management approach" and other laws and regulations system, closely around the requirements of the construction of ecological civilization, reflects the municipal government attaches great importance to the work of environmental governance. In order to solve the problem of public travel, according to the city’s slow blocking Paul Chang work deployment requirements, formulated the "measures" of the management of Xining city bus passenger transport franchise and the "Xining city public temporary parking lot management measures", it provides a legal basis for the maintenance of city traffic order. read more

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Xining city traffic police detachment was named advanced grass roots party branch

Recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out a series of celebrations to commemorate the 93 anniversary of the founding, Xining city traffic police detachment brigade Party branch work in five aspects of leadership, working mechanism, Party members and the masses, work performance, strong outstanding achievements, has been fully recognized by the upper level leadership and the grassroots, Xining city the Public Security Bureau as "advanced grass-roots party branch".In addition, a group of teaching staff Xu Jun was named outstanding party workers, a group of police officers on duty three squadron Xie Jinfu was named outstanding communist party members". read more

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Xining City Public Security Bureau vehicle driving license for new initiatives convenience Lidengkeq

October 9th, Xining driver for changing a new driver’s license won’t be 3 days, can lidengkequ.

it is understood that in recent years, the increasing number of motor vehicle drivers in Xining, has now reached 260 thousand people, but also to increase the annual rate of nearly 30 thousand people. The daily average of 270 to 300 people to the vehicle driving license certification and the expiration of the replacement, the driver had to wait in line. In accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of public security, the renewal of a driver’s license, the local public security organs should be completed within 3 working days, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau vehicle administration to make to work less the driver opened a special window, run away, to apply for the driving license of the driver to ensure the driver convenience, Lidengkequ driver’s license renewal. read more

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