Shandong 600 tons of trans provincial waste sulfuric acid are returned to Henan

we are living on the same earth, the earth is our common home, not to mention that we are still a country, inter provincial dumping behavior was found, for the public shame. In order to deal with waste sulfuric acid, a chemical plant in Shandong gang will pull 600 tons of waste dump in Puyang County waste sulfuric acid plant, eventually waste sulfuric acid into the ground, causing local large area crop death, rivers, soil pollution, various property damages totaling more than 1800 yuan. In October 11th, Puyang County Court held a public hearing along with environmental pollution cases, the case of 12 defendants constituted the crime of polluting the environment at different time. read more

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How important it is to get a good name for a jewelry store

set up shop in the name of a lot of entrepreneurs seem to be a very simple thing, but some industries, an attractive name may bring a steady flow of passengers. Jewelry industry is the case, in line with the outside world, it seems that this is just a link, and do not know its function and value has far exceeded the meaning of the name itself. Can do a good job in the jewelry store named this link, for the success or failure of the operators have a crucial impact and role.

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Husband and wife venture tips to pay attention to investment

with the change of the concept of employment, more and more people embarked on this road, there are college students, laid-off workers to start a business, there are couple entrepreneurship. However, to know that entrepreneurship is not an easy task, especially the couple entrepreneurship, to ensure the smooth process, you need to master a certain secret. Below, the small series of inventory of a couple of entrepreneurial tips, interested friends can do a simple understanding.

tip one: choose a common cause of preference read more

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Open a car wash shop need to pay attention to what

a lot of people in the operation of the car wash shop, will be very confused, for example, the location of the shop where? For the vast number of consumers, this issue is related to a lot of people.

first, location, the location of the shop is very important, the surrounding situation, not necessarily in the city center, usually in a good place road, open place on the line, it is best to close the car park or auto repair.

people usually stop for the night, or car repair will be finished, the gas station is best not to engage in, because a lot of gas stations on the belt and the price is very cheap, to engage in gas stations near the best prepared to fight a price war. read more

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Wedding photography chain decoration points

at present, the wedding photography industry has been rapid development, many entrepreneurs have begun to invest their own eyes on the line. Before the shop, everyone on the shop decoration is a headache. Wedding photography chain decoration? Open a wedding photography chain, decoration is very important, investors must be taken seriously, as far as possible to attract public attention. Next, made a small series of related introduction, want to know a friend, come and see!

wedding photography chain decoration? First of all to determine their own overall style tone read more

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What kind of name can be steamed buns shop

in different times, the emphasis on the name will be different. In the past, just a good product, such a store can attract countless people. In the current, no matter which industry has a number of shops, so a good name is also the key to the same. So, what can be the name of the shop?


Baozipu wonderfull Baozipu

interpretation: 3 words are rich in cultural heritage, do not need more explanation; character, on behalf of health; Germany, on behalf of the boss character, make sure the quality of baozi you; take English homophonic wonderful, meaning excellent, foreigners also easy to remember, but Lang Lang mouth good good record. read more

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Veteran Pang wins back home as a fruit grower

cannot do without the security guard soldiers, their hardships for our happy life, military and veterans, some soldiers chose to return home to find a job to spend the rest of his life in the army after going to talk today is such a retired soldier, he returned to his hometown after the fruit when a fruit growers!

wrong planting project

investment almost "dashuipiao"

35 year old Pang Sheng is Sichuan city of Nanchong province and Xichong County Feng Xiang Rong Ping Village, at the age of 19, he left the parents, became a soldier in the winter of 2004, retired, they went to the coastal workers. read more

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