The development of the nternet can not be separated from the power of innovation and grassroots web

Since the birth of

Internet, it has attached the label of change, which has set off a new technological revolution. The biggest change brought about by this technological revolution is the change of people’s living habits and ways, and new forms of culture and information dissemination. Because of the new medium of communication, information has broadened the mode of communication, enriched the carrier of communication and strengthened the effect of communication. This emerging thing, like chronic poisoning, continues to invade every corner of society and people’s daily life, but it brings more development than harm, so it should protect its development more than obstacles. read more

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TV stations play micro communities 5 months 100 million traffic

on the PC Internet, it would be almost impossible for a webmaster to spend a few months building a web site with billions of visits, but at the mobile end, this could not be possible. Guizhou TV "very perfect", an ordinary local TV program, the opening of the micro community in less than 5 months, visits over 84 million, has become the first micro community visits the community, created the PC era impossible "myth".

"perfect", a TV dating program featuring "beauty" as a selling point, is popular among young audiences. It’s WeChat public number and micro community has become part of a promotion program publicity is very important, and initiated by "guest interaction" activities, not only to stir live their own communities, is to promote the development of micro community "star dynamic function perfect. read more

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Novice English station the first day to break through 250P

I am an ordinary college student, poor in family, but passionate about Internet technology. Often bubble webmaster nets, but has not been to really do a web site, until one day received Henan bin elder brother a promotion mail, met him. He has done a lot of websites and is great,

in the bin brother under the guidance I learn to use a variety of PHP CMS and forum, he is trying to do some templates are rubbish, then fell into a loss, a host, domain name, technology, just don’t know what to do, read more

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Yang Junsheng private hospital website articles and Title Editing Techniques

private hospital network marketing aims to bring effective consultation into treatment, and consulting to visit source comes from the private hospital network promotion promotion, search engine promotion accounted for the vast proportion of hospital. Why do you say so, we must all know, search engine marketing is accurate marketing, when the search we do keywords users are related to our disease knowledge, medical service is in demand. So, this tells us search engine marketing, promotion is very important, and the core of search engine promotion in bidding and optimization, and the optimization of the final auction page page Ultimate Website article in hospital. The marketing, timeliness and readability of the article become an important course for editors to study and practice. Some time ago, I was talking to a top guru in the hospital network, talking about the editorial skills and importance of hospital marketing websites, as well as editorial tips on hospital websites, articles, and titles. Today, we share the "private hospital website article and Title Editor skills", hope entering the medical profession website editor friends can get some ideas about their work to help, and ultimately achieve the ultimate goal of network marketing. OK, the following experience sharing to private hospitals online marketing website as a case, focusing on private hospitals web site articles and Title Editing skills. read more

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Standard website process the road of website construction

as an excellent web site, the location is very important. The need to carefully to understand every detail, the core of the site keywords and so on. The feasibility through a series of analysis to study the site. Then through a combination of their own resources. Instead of through the excitement and a positioning a website, I personally feel that the feasibility analysis and research of the website, the website localization is very important. With its own previous maintenance and management and so on. The following is one of my personal views, and summed up some good content, and share. read more

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Talk about my application through the Google Baidu and Sogou alliances

here to talk about my application through the Google/Baidu/Sogou League experience, in fact, is to share their success and share some of the hope that some of the friends who have not yet applied for success.

The application for

Google Adsense goes through

in two, 00, seven years, in November, I applied for Google Adsense, and it went through smoothly. I just registered a domain name CN, and made my first website, here is not sent, at that time I was just learning website, do not know what the framework structure and acquisition, everything is a copy and paste, website traffic is very small, only 10 people every day, a chance the opportunity, I saw Google Adsense ads on your station application, was passed in disorderly fashion, now I know that the reasons are the following: read more

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Chen Qinghua want this kind of webmaster statistics service

every web site requires a statistical service, including blogs, so most websites or blogs have statistical code. The statistics service website in China are CNZZ, 51la, Google, Analytics, quantum statistics, Baidu statistics and 51yes statistics, these services can very detailed statistical information to visitors, basically we need the function they have, that Chen Qinghua would you like what kind of


I also want to "API", what kind of API? Now many Web2.0 sites have open API, such as blog, micro-blog, SNS, online maps, etc., read more

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Grassroots webmaster must not follow the trend of innovation is the way to success

I just small roots of a network, like a tree on an equal footing, but long enough, express some views to the webmaster friends don’t mind:

The rapid development of

network anomaly, 08 years, China network indeed seems to be very calm, do not have what idea, everyone seems to be transferred to the stock market like, real money effect to everyone’s heart back, often see foreign what new things out, foreign cooperation and what what news and so on indeed, China rarely, China love love to confidence in the name of receive flattery or compliment, exaggerated odd words, in the name of righteousness (external), not to compete for so I think we need to put the grassroots webmaster, a halo gas, broken, of course, need to change some habits: read more

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Four reasons why your website does not stick to traffic

there are many websites, has just launched a passionate shot, forthright, advertising burned particularly fierce, traffic is rising very fast, but the advertising stops, traffic plummeted depressed, can not find the direction, don’t know what to do. Do you have this experience? If so, here’s a website idea: website promotion is very important, and it’s more important to improve the viscosity of your website.

why most websites don’t stick to traffic, according to the analysis, there are several main reasons: read more

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How long will the user stay on the website of the electricity supplier as long as possible don’t t

original article, reproduced please note: reprinted from the electricity supplier salon, specializing in electricity supplier art

link address: the longer the user’s stay, the better? I don’t think so.

in previous SEO work experience, we believe that the user’s stay on the web site time can affect search rankings. In Zac’s SEO blog, it also speculated on the role of the user’s staying time on the site. The article says, Google talk can track the user to send directly to each other links, access to the user’s stay in the web page and other data, thereby affecting the rankings. The article also says that users can also track user behavior data from the Google search results. read more

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An electricity supplier director of insight how to do with B2C thinking O2O

if the line retail stores as a business website, free from WiFi, electronic price, shops, shopping guide to Pad optimization, inventory data integration, user ID, open CRM system, WeChat marketing, the operation logic is the same. A store with O2O capabilities, you can use B2C mall thinking to operate.

Y is an electricity supplier director Qi brother has long been met, others are in a time when stir O2O, he was pondering some deep logic behind the patience, and finally realize the truth: if the line retail stores as a business website, free from WiFi, electronic price, shops optimization, guide Pad to inventory data integration, user ID, open CRM system, WeChat marketing, operation logic behind it are interlinked. A store with O2O capabilities, you can use B2C mall thinking to operate. read more

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KDD’s Witkey promotion

opens the site where KDD, once a webmaster, has fun talking to GJJ, and you’ll find a few lines of links below the image of a man who desperately works on earth. KDD recently launched one after another part of the function, which is Chinese characters phonetic program and computer reports. Yesterday, a rise of "network" poetry contest "article was the real name called" fast allusion net "new" soft "to Today, the author on the fast network for Adsense Guo Jijun interview. read more

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A grassroots webmaster growing experience of those things

to be a station, I think it’s really not easy, at least for me. Everything from the beginning, from the start to think about what to do for a long time, after much deliberation mill. Finally decided to do a shopping guide website, first I do stand can meet the desire, one can earn money in the online flower, oh, this is my original idea, now see these words, I think it was uppity, predecessors saw don’t laugh ah, but now I did not at that time courage.

next is to find space and find domain names. Space to find the era of Internet server, and then bought the WWW. easy times.Con ( this Chinese domain name. And then began to build their own dreams, it was difficult to build up. I started first in the Ali Mama guest promotion to do, I think it is very suitable for our bus after graduation time, but little IP somewhat depressed, until one day, when I open the mm as usual, my eyes bright, I cried, I "wife" somehow, said there’s something wrong with me. God, it shows that someone bought two toy dogs. Commission 7.9 yuan, I was only 6 IP, do not think I make irresponsible remarks later in the mm, which saw 4 IP have a deal. By this time I really believe that the Internet can make money, Amoy promotion is really good, although I earn less, but gave me much confidence ah, you know I do is to thank the two toy dog, I know the site is too small, then know a what the words of the SEO, I absolutely ignorant of seo. read more

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From grassroots webmaster to the site of the master of the line

read some experts written experience, coupled with their own learning experience, summed up to share with you from the entry to the site of the master of the line!


learn knowledge step by step

to learn HTML, find the materials they can read, browse, do not remember all the concepts, just remember to use the principle on the line, at this stage, the estimated three days is enough; then two days time to learn CSS, methods ibid; and then spend some time getting to know about JavaScript.

then you can use Notepad to try writing several pages, and remember not to use those visualization tools at that time, such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver. read more

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Can the stationmaster get rid of the shackles of the advertising League

many webmaster do stand by advertising revenue, although some owners can do a decent income, but most Adsense income is not ideal, some people say that my traffic is not high, some people say that advertising location problem, some people say the advertising price is too low. In fact, these are not the reason, a webmaster if only by advertising alliance income, I’m afraid the development of the site will stop.

webmaster to do is not only a full range of promotion, optimization, technology, but also to carefully plan the site’s profit model, only to find their own site of the appropriate profit model, can make the site grow. When I say this may be a webmaster might say, the profit model which is so good? I admit that the profit model is not easy to find, especially suitable, as a game I used to do the station, 5 thousand to 10 thousand independent IP day, PV is 4 times more than the independent IP. But it can only rely on advertising alliance (do pop ads) brought the meager income, may have the webmaster will say why not do pop ads, so there are a lot of income a month? Yes, if you do pop ads then the site can have enough income, but I do not want to affect the user experience, because the user experience is always the fundamental, my principle is in advertising can not affect the user experience, because it would make the website to leave a bad influence to the user. Well, memories say that. Let’s move on to the topic. read more

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How much does it cost to start a children’s shop

families will attach importance to the growth of their children, they are willing to spend money on their children, try to meet the needs of children, for children to bring a variety of children’s products, including children’s products. Many investors have the idea of opening a children’s clothing store. In the end how much money to open a children’s clothing shop? Under the following discussion.

"now the family is a child, how much money each year there are about 10000000 newborn children’s clothing shop opened, and the economic level also increased, compared with twenty or thirty years ago, no one is willing to buy cloth to make clothes for the children, how much more capital people choose is to buy comfortable and beautiful children’s clothing for children in children’s clothing store." In order to reduce the risk, as long as they can convince manufacturers to agents, you can reduce the backlog of supply, the risk of holding costs. read more

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A rookie webmaster’s simple growth process

as a webmaster, the first thing to learn is to familiarize yourself with HTML code, and then to DW, through my efforts, these 2 aspects or gains. For the TITLE and META code as a basis, to start their own to do the first station, at the time of the film is fascinating, intend to do a movie station practice, see the SEO article said a station first to the master key is the station location, the final choice of the domain name the best with the relevant keywords, then think: "the wind shadow" of the Chinese good, and then set down. Depressed also registered a four digit domain name, better remember read more

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How profitable is navigation website

since we released free: since weiduomei free collection site navigation site navigation program, we weiduomei site navigation procedures currently in use have thousands, thank you for your support, let us continuously develop new functions and patches for household. Some customers who use this program are now earning more than 100 yuan a day, which is the biggest authentication for our program. But there are still a lot of our weiduomei site navigation program webmaster do not know how the navigation station is profitable, often ask me, now I straightened out, for your reference, I hope you soon began to realize the profit, Wangzhuan road. read more

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Act like a spoiled brat is also productivity promotion electricity supplier website sales

Abstract: this must be a kind of Internet innovation that makes women ecstatic and men hate it. It also has a coquettish name, which is called "spoiled payment"". The latest data show that in June this year, Alipay, this business is an increase of about 60%. It is very simple: the user selects "pay" to enter the payment page, the trading platform will then automatically generates a series of links, users send a link via email, Wangwang, QQ

it must be an Internet innovation that makes women ecstatic and men hate it. It also has a flirtatious name, called "spoiled pay."". The latest data show that in June this year, Alipay, this business is an increase of about 60%. It is very simple: the user selects "pay" to enter the payment page, the trading platform will then automatically generates a series of links, users send a link via email, QQ, Wangwang, MSN sent to other people such as the boyfriend, husband, by the latter to pay. read more

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700 tons of fruit a day the loss rate of 1% the annual turnover of nearly 300 million a meter of

Abstract: one meter fresh was founded in November 2014, positioned as a fresh O2O brand, the main university, business district, community, through the C2B, zero inventory, light warehouse way, so that fresh fast circulation.

in the second half of 2014 focused on entrepreneurship that wave of fresh electricity providers who, after a year of development, some have been shuffled out, and some have handed over a beautiful transcript. A meter is one of the fresh performance more beautiful, a founder of the & CEO meters fresh; Jiao Yue told entrepreneur reporter, in November 18th the anniversary of the day, the whole network of 168 thousand single transaction, sold about 700 tons of fruit, of which 90% single volume can be served within a day. read more

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