Upgrade to love Shanghai hyperlink algorithm about cheating

October 23rd love Shanghai algorithm update again, this update in Shanghai handles a large number of people on the hyperlink cheating site, with sea move intended to maintain the justice of the ranking, protected by the white hat Shanghai dragon head. This love Shanghai Webmaster Platform clearly said on October 23rd, will crack down on the intention by hyperlinks cheating way to manipulate the rankings below I for you to upgrade the love of Shanghai announced the analysis and understanding of the algorithm: read more

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Vulnerable Shanghai Dragon Lost

in the eyes of search engines, Shanghai dragon is a kind of optimization method, the purpose is to allow more users to websites can be found, in order to achieve the purpose of customer service. But in the Shanghai dragon staff, Shanghai dragon is pure marketing or promotion means, the purpose is to make their own things to let users see, in their own to consider more. Therefore, the search engine is to protect users, but it is not for the Shanghai dragon, but hope to have real website to know more about Shanghai dragon. read more

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Grassroots two months let keyword love Shanghai home experience sharing

Internet is a need for the original place, and before I had never been involved in this industry, not to the original, but the principle of website optimization is similar (pseudo original). Many methods of pseudo original, such as the replacement of the title, punctuation, and Chinese characters of Arabia digital digital exchange and so on, in addition is the graphic combination, it can not only increase the original article also increased user friendliness.


three, external links

, a website keyword positioning read more

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Domain name registration is the site optimization ranking competition starting line



5, said the website optimization is the optimization of the domain name. A new sites included from not included in the search engine rankings, from page 100 to page ranking after carefully optimized stationmaster, the construction of the chain. If you are in the optimization of one does not belong to your own domain name, or stop the related business and hosting providers require you to change the domain name, the equivalent of so much work in vain, the link resources attributable to others. read more

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Note the content of keyword optimization

1: pay attention to the H1, STRONG,

content is king, the chain for the emperor, this is Shanghai dragon principle you know, at this point in the content, internal link operation is the webmaster extremely pay attention to the problem, look at many webmaster busy to write the original article, and pay attention to the distribution of key words, tag, anchor text links in in the process, let a person feel the webmaster work it is very troublesome, since an article to consider so many problems, explains the optimization of keywords is a very tricky thing, it is not every day of the original will promote the keywords ranking? Of course not, today we analyse the article to optimize matters pay attention to key words ranking. read more

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How to detect the site is linked to the horse and the solutions


the code to delete, clearing the cache and finally fix! Oh, the website is linked to the horse really is not a fun thing, you should pay attention to their information security website, regular inspection. The detection tool generally used Links detection tools such as Urlsnooper or. After the discovery of the problem, a serious investigation, determine the injection location, check is not injected with JS and iframe etc.. The site is a long and lonely journey, it is not easy, so those.

  read more

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Discussion on the construction of the chain the rational allocation of home page column page the a

later, I changed my strategy for the construction of the chain, the column page also.

together, in fact, the chain strategy is: through my Links, the chain gets home; through the blog, the chain of the page. But I just ignored the column page, also need the chain.

a good outside chain, often not easily won, how to make better use of the chain, will determine whether we work in Shanghai Longfeng multiplier. What do you mean? Please look at the following analysis:

because of lack of experience, I remain perplexed despite much thought (is not some new Adsense is facing the same problem?). Later, looking for a good webmaster, reminds me of my home, although the weight is very high, but the column page weight is low, in the home when, you love Shanghai, once fall into the column page, love Shanghai will not make you fall because the weight of K. But why I still have almost fixed Shanghai included the amount of love? Because I have some support for one or two years, and can often get editor of the blog, the blog, full article pages outside the chain. read more

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Google ranking is the core of what

two, do not create a lot of garbage outside the chain of

in not high correlation forum and forum post, correlation for the title and description of the content and the content of the page is too bad, we can determine the correlation of less than 50% for low quality junk links; do not add a lot of text links in the article, so that the entire page will reduce the score (browsing quality will be reduced). In general, 2. For example, the chain blog, blog etc. are generally weight up, each blog plus one or two text description, so that we can get some weight high. read more

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Four ways to enhance the friendly website on the search engine

site can not change the revision, major changes will affect the site optimization. The frequent modification of the title and meta tags, confusion and misunderstanding will cause the search engine to your web site, because it is not friendly to the search engine’s performance, or in the eyes of the search engines is not recognized. The site must have fixed elements, and can not be changed, can be fine tuned, careful a little bit, step by step.

clear site structure help included

generally, want the site to be found, or have a certain ranking, then one is the site conditions need to be indexed by search engines. If a web site, there are mostly unreadable elements, not readable will cause global website. That is to say, for example, the JS framework code website flash is too much or too much will affect the readability of the search engine on the web. But this is not entirely unreadable, but caused some unreadable, always love the wonderful user or page design. In fact, so the impact on Shanghai also is not the focus of the dragon. read more

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Discussion brush flow will help ranking

first, I make sure to bring traffic is a real human search, without the aid of any brush work flow. I released the task in some Witkey and Witkey to complete the task, give them a commission. In the brush mobile phone lottery software flow of the site, I just brush every day about 50 traffic, due to the completely artificial search, no way to achieve so much traffic. Later I find some new methods, such as task group, in the group released after the completion of the audit task, by paying a certain commission. read more

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Examples of four point performance of Enterprise Station prone to excessive optimization

from the above data we can see that the site with navigation to increase keyword density, in the red box, do the anchor text point to the home page. In the use of navigation, my suggestion is that you can place some keywords, but the anchor text to pointing to the relevant page, instead of the anchor text to all.

today a friend to find me, let me do a website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, the site is a enterprise site, problem is: love Shanghai without any ranking, but included and love of Shanghai is still very new snapshot. The typical love Shanghai right down, what is the cause of love Shanghai site is down right? read more

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Do the site map can be achieved on the website of Shanghai Super Dragon optimization

: a site map should use text navigation


many webmaster to the site map as a presentation to the user site, but ignore the site map also has super Shanghai dragon website optimization, if the site map is certainly only by summarizing the data not to be able to achieve better effect, it needs to be submitted to a special site map for search engines. The map to show the user can use the iframe tag function, the search engine shield, here to talk about how to make a suitable search engine map, to enhance the effect of optimization. read more

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Five simple tips to become a forum in the anchor text of the chain master

every webmaster want your keywords ranking, so how to do? The anchor chain is when one of the first, we mainly talk about how the chain anchor text in the forum are the moderator to delete posts. The anchor chain is refers to from other websites into their own web site keywords links. Link is a very important process for website optimization. The quality of import links directly determine the weight of our website in search engine.

third, the font. Through the study of this period of time I, then all the fonts, font is the best choice. As we all know, after the anchor text link, there is a line below if you use keywords, several other fonts, lines and words will be very far away from, so it is very obvious, it is easy to be found but with a moderator, Arial words, we do not have to worry about this problem, because of you with the song you will find that the line below will keywords and keyword close together, so it is difficult to find the moderator anchor keywords you. read more

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Content problems on Chen Qiangfeng noble baby Shanghai Dragon

but the two major search engines will not included each other server content, in fact, included to love Shanghai noble baby product content is very small, some even not included. So we can use this point, through the love of Shanghai library to increase the content of the website. Chinese segmentation technology is far less than the noble baby love Shanghai, so for the love Shanghai library content, slightly modified can satisfy the appetite of noble baby. We can search relevant keywords in Shanghai Library in the search box, search results contain a large number of uploaded files, the file format includes various text format, including some PDF files, of course, some of the contents of the PDF file is present in the form of text images, but text images tend to be the search engine is not included, we can use directly copied. read more

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Eight points to enhance the success of your website

six, banner navigation optimization

URL is a spider climb to walk the road of your road laying more flat spiders crawling faster. URL high definition more can improve the success of crawling and web site included. So the static URL processing technology we must learn.

is the breadcrumb navigation station GPRS location of a web site. Located in the freedom of users browsing and spiders access. It can increase the degree of user experience and website content consistency.


four, code

can achieve a large number of sites included, this is in fact a very heavy workload of the task. When the website traffic reached a lot of time, you need to do is staging to the layout of the site keywords, so that the theme of the site is not running. Set the keywords of the layout of the words must maintain unity in the later website optimization. read more

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A seller search optimization can not know 4 things

the accurate search from the two step, a step in the title that contains the word "Basketball", the second step is to the front desk, "Basketball" under the category of baby priority display. About the actual search results, you can go to Taobao search view. Since Taobao search rankings and the classification, category is more accurate, more is ranked first, as you can see, the word "Basketball", "Basketball" is better than "this classification, the classification of basketball clothes". read more

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Do three of the core elements of site data

when collecting information to a "degree", this information can produce a certain value, this information will be a scientific analysis method, analysis of the site information is analyzed by "difference method", is similar to that of the information together, the large difference of the information together. Through this information analysis can conveniently identify site defects and interests, and in these information into a website, you can have a certain value for the web site. For example, the user’s data pool, then IP most places to open up a dedicated column to attract these IP, through this method to keep the website to create value, promote the development and progress of the site. read more

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n August the global search engine market share rose fourth in the sea of love

, the remaining 2 seats were Ya>

In addition to

IDC network (idcps贵族宝贝) on 07 August 09 reports: according to market research firm Net Applications latest data show that in August, the search engine – Nobility baby Global share continued negative growth, fell to 66.74% last month by 3.48%, decline significantly expanded. Love Shanghai to achieve substantial growth, an increase of 2.18%, rose to 9.24%. Next, please review and IDC network together to focus on the August global search engine market share ranking. read more

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Analysis of improving site wide degree of effective outreach strategies

with the development of electronic commerce in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of many enterprises have been known, the traditional marketing methods currently undergoing changes in turn the world upside down, electronic commerce, network promotion is a lot of choice for small and medium enterprises, how to do the work site optimization, search engine has long trust, made a good ranking effect is an urgent problem for many optimization people have to face, the Zhouzhi website optimization to improve the external links in the process of the construction of the website weight has an indelible effect, how to do a good website construction of the external links is every optimization personnel necessary skills and qualities, the author summarizes the following effective website external links how to improve the operation? Site external link popularity should take what kind of way? Well we continued into short gossip The theme of today, we all know that website external link popularity is a key factor to improve the site weight and ranking, the author here on our website in the optimization process and improve the quality of Web site external connection operation method and everybody share. read more

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Look at the search engine market share Chinese from Alexa data

please see below a major search engine user data table, this is I this afternoon just to the query.

through this form, look to see the situation as follows (assuming Chinese this caused several search, after all the other search engine market share is still too little):


?I think


for search engine size, I don’t think it should be from the Alexa Rankings, because the top ranking websites, not much difference, but may have different scale. Do not look at the rankings, what would you like to see? Should see users because they either search engine, the macroscopic view, the search depth is almost the same, the problems are almost the same. So after the habit of using a search engine, which is the basic search engine fixed users. However, like Shanghai know Soso Ask, page flow love Shanghai encyclopedia, should not calculate data as its search service, because many users in many cases through other search engines, drainage to this site to. So, the search market share, users should see only the search results page. read more

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