Method of making web site feature and optimization

thematic content production essentials

2: in addition, can provide users to participate in discussions and opinions of the channel, open open voting area following topic page comments, to each other "


website project attracted a huge number of users only need to pay attention to the information, and will attract the attention of small sites, the content is constantly updated in addition, is the most expensive way of all promotional tools, the price is quite high.


special production method read more

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Webmasters don’t expect ads to make moneyAnalysis of the site can not earn money for four reasons

in 2008, he couldn’t count on billboards, not counting on GG. I asked him, you earn a month? The answer is 10 thousand, I was shocked, why get so much profit, he smiled a word, because I do not expect advertising, do not expect any advertising, he developed his own advantage, in fact, just contact site is perhaps the only. With others to learn something, to see how others do, watching others engage in station flow of the class, oneself also to imitate, but success can have how much? You think your advantage? What is your best? By earn more profits for themselves technology, not just advertising! I am not good at writing, writing is not good please forgive me! read more

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Love Shanghai quality optimization guide

is the greatest impact on quality of the account structure. Love Shanghai promotion system can be divided into the keyword promotion plan and promotion unit of two layer structure. It is not easy to plan and unit will be included in the key words into separate columns designed beforehand, we can use Excel to edit, promotion unit is finally divided into good only in less than 30 words can be.

value of

we must first understand the love of Shanghai in the promotion of the concept of quality, quality is a key attribute, it is based on keywords creative quality, click rate, account structure, account of various factors such as historical performance calculated the value of love Shanghai promotion system. In the account, the quality of the whole is divided into three levels, the 3 stars are excellent, 2 stars are good, the 1 stars are poor. In the latest love Shanghai phoenix nest system 2, the quality of 1 stars and divided into green and grey, we can simply understand, poor and very poor. read more

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Yue Hao the station optimization is the core competitiveness of Shanghai Dragon

in Shanghai Longfeng numerous factors, site title and site description is undoubtedly very important. This is mainly based on the search engine to determine the contents of web search engine is the key factor to the website ranking. Title show the theme of the web page, description is a simple overview of web content.

at the end of the day, our website is to give users see. "The title and description will appear in the search results page, the user experience directly determines the site click rate. So we are written in title and description sites don’t forget to please the user. read more

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Webmaster friends you can also a monthly income of 3000 yuanWatch the video website market is chaoti

many webmaster worry can’t earn money, are looking for a shortcut to make money for the past few years, looking for a webmaster or poor. When you earn money, there is no Jingxiaxinlai to examine yourself? Don’t blame had the opportunity to make money, don’t blame the miss many opportunities to make money, many owners can not earn money not chance, but your own people, you are no commercial eye, not tell how promising, which does not have a future, you are too greedy, see what someone do stand to make money, follow the blind mixed, you are too lazy, it can make money, but when you love. In a word, poor stationmaster wants to make money, please change your idea. read more

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n the Tencent micro blog released micro blog included Shanghai long to be loved


opened the Tencent micro-blog friends all know that micro-blog can open enterprise Tencent, propaganda enterprise brand, so that consumers can communicate more opportunities; we can use this opportunity to open up new customers to sell; let the news media can be more free, control messages automatically and timely etc.. How can I let love Shanghai included in the Tencent released on micro-blog micro-blog

5, clear my head (the real information makes people feel more credible, growth is focus on the probability of read more

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How to use the two catalog promotion website weight

website content, keywords and a certain flow as the site of the two directory. For the two level directory and Keywords tag and description tag, so you can make clear the main content of this search engine classification directory.

How to use the

is to sum up, the tree structure website into standard, let the home page of the weight on the two level directory as much as possible during the transfer process, it can not only improve the two level directory can also enhance the site overall weight weight. read more

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The mobile adaptation tool regular format example

what is the mobile adaptation,

1) rule adaptation: when the PC address and mobile address rule (pattern) matching relations (such as PC page www.xxx贵族宝贝/picture/12345.html, mobile page m.xxx贵族宝贝/picture.12345.html), you can use the rules of adaptation, adding PC and moving regular expressions, writing is the "regular" format. We strongly recommend that you use the rules of adaptation, a successful submission after the commencement of the sustainable effect for the new URL with the rules, do not need to repeatedly submit. At the same time, the way to deal with the URL adaptation period is relatively shorter, and > read more

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How to use the anchor text to achieve a multiplier effect

a good sword, only makes good to reflect its value. So is the anchor text links. For >

The construction of

and anchor text: the correlation between the mean that the anchor text links that you do need the site with your own site in the industry are related. Why? The reason is very simple, every chain is actually a vote, the vote can enhance the search engine on your trust, if it is not related to site of the vote, compared to your site a little contribution.

I want to play in the chain in the site optimization process for everyone is aware of the. But a lot of just entering the Shanghai dragon new in this field still ring in about such as how to build the chain is the most effective in the circle, such doubts I think is a period that must be experienced each person entered the industry optimization. How can we build the chain to achieve a multiplier effect? The author today on this issue share three of their own views. read more

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With the novice Raiders Shanghai Longfeng do high quality original content

has spread Shanghai dragon old saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor, and up to now, this sentence is still as the Shanghai dragon optimization based, but many novice friends often hit a wall in Shanghai Longfeng original content, in 2016 the impact from the media mode, the chain for more and more weak, resulting in a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er optimization purpose transfer to content creation, we all know that the reproduced contents are easily mistaken search engine spam, so Shanghai Yao Shanghai dragon will come to you in detail, how to make high quality original content.   read more

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