A5 marketing recommended 2014 spring festival website optimization arrangement

if you don’t want to because of a momentary relaxation, are competitors to catch up, it is best to do a "backup" in advance will update the daily needs of website content, sorted out. Of course, due to the nature of the industry, daily updates the number will be different. General enterprise station, recommended daily retention 1-3 of the content update.

during the holiday, how many people are waiting in front of the screen as in the past? We suggest for the website please a nanny during this period of time, can install the "super monitor", the specific search can love Shanghai! But not avoid paralysis of the server, the website was hacked and avoid long time drop right. read more

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The actual hospital website four ways of improving the conversion rate

design of the original site, the hospital is not in order to popularize health knowledge, nor to build a number of Red Cross Association website, private hospitals need to solve the problem for the patient, and the solution is through the online doctor consultation about the illness, and then to the hospital for treatment, the final completion of the whole process. If only to the site traffic website, put a lot of irrelevant or the hospital can not solve the case put up, bring traffic to have any effect. As a patient of myopia, myopia by related articles into a hospital website, the main content of the website is about most of the gynecological diseases, obviously, to the hospital’s attention and in-depth understanding of the desire nothing, not to talk about home visits. read more

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The enterprise website how to obtain high quality original content


approach is to scan the book is not large bookstore or library to find some information on the Internet industry in the book, the scanner or digital camera shooting, scanning, and then convert it to text using OCR software, and then posted to their website. To make sure whether the article has been put on the Internet and books before, it is recommended to those who is getting more and more early books, like the 80s 90s book published earlier, were put on the Internet less opportunities. The book is the author and methods commonly used method, and the content of very high quality, highly recommended. read more

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818 of those with user experience love Shanghai keyword ranking draw further apart

is in love with the sea may wake up, maybe it was 360 cornered, since entering since 2013, Shanghai has launched a new algorithm of love, that is to enhance the user experience. The green bead chain algorithm, algorithm, algorithm, algorithm 2, pomegranate Scindapsus origin algorithm and a original Mars program…

Keywords The

keyword is currently ranked first is a Sina blog on Shanghai Longfeng daily posts and other bad blogs. Of course, you can say, no blog two words appear Shanghai dragon daily a quote site in the title, the matching degree will have some deficiency. But if you open the Sina blog look at it, I believe you will not stick to their point of view, because the Sina blog article is false original, pseudo original to spam and read unfluent point, but it is in the first row, you can Chennai him what you have can Chennai love Shanghai? read more

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Some techniques on the chain release and precautions

forum has noticed a few of the more important matters, first of all, you need to understand this forum of each plate flow, according to the daily amount of post discharge, not too high or too low is appropriate, and try to choose the moderator vacancy plates. General flow plate is relatively large moderator audit efforts, risk reported by the user also improved accordingly; and if it is a low flow plate, just not suitable to review the release of the chain, then you can look for a date close to the post, direct search query about love Shanghai included. You can get through the search of the plate is included and included the delay time of two important information, as you release the chain reference. read more

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The correct use of Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization

indeed, before the keywords way feasible. But now it has not work, now the search engine will be judged by the keyword density, reasonable keyword density should be between 2%-8%, less than 2% that is not important, more than 8% basic keywords that are piled up (there are exceptions, this again later). In fact, the search engine is more complex than the above calculation, but basically cannot do without the above principle. The following fenyueba to talk specifically about how to better use keywords: read more

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The article first analysis think big Tencent Henan network reproduced by nature

now Internet circles especially personal AdSense and the grass root in Shanghai Longfeng circle submission: basic A5 nets, the owners of the house is based on. For the two platform has the advantage of Yang Zi Shanghai Longfeng article also often contributes to the two platform, A5 is the fast stationmaster net audit basically submission day as long as the content of quality can also be basically that day will be approved, if fortunate enough to be recommended to the home page will bring more traffic, Yang Zi two day submitting an article titled "decryption 360 official launch of a chain exchange platform for what is the meaning of" the 24 hours it was 800 times to click, and by a large number of sites were reproduced, the Yang Zi of this article spread freedom and personal brand dissemination of important impetus therefore, also met a lot of new friends. read more

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Six big shady exposure Shanghai dragon training industry

rich achievements of the Internet

training a trap: free training in the name of Shanghai Dragon technology chain free recruitment of personnel, through simple training can work to promote their own station, or customers such as Valet registration free B2B information platform for their website or ask to promote the site outside the chain of resources were white busy, awfully thought it is important to learn

shady: many training institutions with the most beautiful commitment to deceive you in, of course, the final can not find a job, it is not just started to say as well. read more

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Shanghai dragon is the most basic way of marketing

, now the Shanghai dragon gradually deteriorated, why say that? Because most of the time, some owners including the company, is "to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon". How to understand this sentence? That is, not from the multi-channel marketing perspective to consider the issue, in fact, Shanghai dragon is the marketing foundation.

many webmaster or Internet companies, in order to make the site keywords ranking, most of the time, not from the point of view of an overall marketing orientation, but every day in the update site, a chain, a chain in the work, as a result, even if the keywords go up, order conversion is not always high, why am I so sure because, I used in the home network company, customer orders, 30% down payment, after the payment is in effect, is the practice of? At the beginning of the site, the site built with Shanghai Longfeng requirements, this is certainly not wrong, but also important. Update the chain outsourcing to do business, friends of the chain on the purchase, as a result, some words, a few months, or even a month. Because they have more energy in the business. However, such marketing can really bring customers bring profits to read more

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Shanghai dragon outside chain that something

at noon there is a group of members asked me how to do site optimization, in fact I don’t have to go to a regular training field in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon technology can be said to be pitiful, know is only superficial.

in the first half of this year, a friend of Taobao made a guest site, in addition to daily updates is to do BBS signature, after a month and a half of all the keywords ranking Shanghai love home, then a month has been strong, passive income is about 1K5. Probably in the last month, he suddenly found me and said every day still adhere to the pseudo original, insist to do BBS signature every day, but the ranking began to fall down. So guess forum signature role has begun to slowly decrease in weight than the inside. Then last month, get the exact message from Shanghai: love love Shanghai update algorithm, forum signature will no longer transfer weights. read more

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