Right down the website related domain from 50000 to 5000 is painful

love Shanghai related domain is an important data reference the general webmaster, ranking good sites are all related to domain more, love Shanghai related domain down too much can cause the site to drop right, his last few months on the web by love Shanghai right down problems, obviously words are dropped 100, check the traffic statistics can be found, scanty traffic from Shanghai love to domain:www.***贵族宝贝, your website is not in the first place, the normal sites are in the first row, or even directly input the name of the site can not find home page. read more

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Give up the website optimization strategies of traditional Shanghai dragon may be more effective

has been fluctuating! The first point:

second: consider how can improve the collection rate of

attention smooth upgrade

we must pay attention to the "stability" is not included! Let you remain the same, nor is it to you outside of the chain remains unchanged! The so-called stability is relatively smooth rise ah, this is steadily rising, but not between high and low on

Shangqiu construction site in here we summarize three breakthrough:

if you want to own website on the Internet can talent shows itself in the competition, Shangqiu Shanghai dragon suggest that we must seek a breakthrough, seek a kind of others to do, others do not dare to break through their own websites so as to have a real breakthrough. read more

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