Webmaster share B2C shopping website structure analysis

today to share the theme of B2C shopping site analysis of structure and process, several problems need to be noticed in the last article on the site to guide the user in from several aspects and share several principles to guide the user to the website, today the general process of summing up, I hope to help more novice webmaster. Each site has a different purpose, which determines that they guide the user’s behavior is different. But this article is for most of the sales of products B2C class website, from the home page, content, product page and copy and shopping cart are several aspects to share with you. If there is something wrong, I hope you correct me. read more

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Yiwu network group purchase website alliance Baotuan breakthrough bottlenecks and B2C

they had a Shiyao rattle, everywhere selling ginger sugar farmers, they were dragging Pidai shuttle in various shops, fairs salesman, their commercial acumen, started from a two per cent profit, their names and buttons, lighters, wholesale, puerile closely linked together, they are "the merchant of Yiwu".

to a piece of ginger sugar brick built the world’s largest commodity distribution center, part of Yiwu businessmen have started to look at the internet. "The Internet is not just a sales channel, but also a huge trading market. In fact, many network operators in Yiwu has reached a certain scale, we hope that after 35 years, Yiwu will become after Hangzhou and a gathering place for the development of electronic commerce." Lou Zhongping, founder of the double sucker. read more

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Sea Amoy electricity supplier of the next tuyere

recently busy company things, not for a very long time to share with you! The weather is hot, drink plenty of water! 2010 I realized that the sea Amoy will be the inevitable trend of the electricity supplier, but by that time, almost no one! When the sea Amoy the word Baidu search index more than and 800 daily. More dumbfounded is that no one in the sea Amoy Baidu ads, only a Baidu Taobao customers in the use of natural ranking scouring the sea Related words, the product page rotten out of order, no user experience at all read more

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Two based on the nternet platform to join the station mode


to do a national platform, will encounter a problem: the substation construction is the choice to join or direct mode? This is a fork in the road.

station to join the or direct, it involves a series of problems, any enterprise needs a comprehensive consideration. Especially some entrepreneurial enterprises, this step is very important, a careless loser. Because entrepreneurial enterprises have just started, whether it is human or material resources, can not stand the test. The trial and error, sometimes only exists in theory. read more

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Domain deletion list October 30 2007


proxy domain name registration renewal of 60 years /, 150m million net 620 special offer 120 space agency.
  CN domain name 1 yuan registration, the opportunity not to be missed, more content: http://s.idc.admin5.com

mobiw.cn   />lj666.cn
4wdm.com / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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The chinese com cn domain name for 200 thousand euros starting

win in the July 13th m altar exclusive news, recently sold for 800 thousand euros at the chinese.com domain name in the domain name trading network SEDO international news caused concern to the industry, today on the SEDO website and found chinese.com.cn is a starting price of 200 thousand euros for the auction.

http://s.tool.winindomain.com/whois/? D=chinese.com.cn

after more than URL whois query, we contacted the chinese.com.cn registered miss cai. She told us that last week, a lot of friends have seen chinese.com to 800 thousand euros in the price of the transaction, then we recommend the chinese.com.cn auction. Through the analysis of the CN domain for nearly two years after the transaction, decided to 200 thousand euros in the auction starting price of the domain name. Chinese itself is a very good theme, Chinese applications and the Chinese Internet is worthy of attention and adequate support for the performance of the market. This domain name is released on the SEDO website auction, one is to confirm the status of the CN domain name to the international domain name investment market, the two is to use this price to confirm the value of the CN domain name. read more

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Let people do not understand Wanda electricity supplier

is well known by the majority of people are not the hotel, Wanda cinema, department store chain and tourism industry, but Wanda real estate, the real estate industry is popular in those years, Wanda Commercial real estate has become an independent school, start, since fast, after doing on the top spot in the industry, the natural industry did not want to do any so, later, Wanda made system, of course this is closer to the entertainment system.

Wanda cautious insiders know, so Wanda did not choose not to take the side of the industry, but the extension of the hotel industry in the adjacent economic circle inside and outside, this is Wanda Plaza, Wanda as long as access to basic necessities of life, idle away in seeking pleasure one-stop service for everyone, so the industry want to do most difficult. Because it captures the human survival in the world all kinds of behavior intention, or grasp the venation of the most close to the people’s life, like a duck to the later development, so Wang Jianlin is destined to become the richest man. read more

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FOTLE Li Tao talk about double 11 to participate but also stick to self


Li Tao recently guest billion state power network official WeChat "business hours" column, while FOTILE in the double eleven during the preparation, the quality of the products, the return rate and how to manage the online shops and other aspects of the problem and the users interaction.

for all the users for FOTILE in 2014 "double 11" discount concerns, Li Tao said, "FOTILE has been held in terms of price, in addition to the company’s own product competitiveness, if we stick to the price, appropriate to do some promotion, customer response will be greater." He also mentioned that the channel for the promotion, FOTILE will actively participate in, and customer interaction. But FOTILE does not think through price sales, there will be a lot of benefits of an enterprise, in his opinion, as a brand enterprises, we must adhere to the positioning of their products, to give better service, the customer experience better. read more

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Home delivery or low price pharmaceutical electricity supplier is looking for a new way out

Abstract: users in the purchase of drugs, the first consideration is not aging, price and other factors, but security. How to protect the channels by electricity suppliers selling drugs is genuine,

is the primary problem to be considered in the pharmaceutical business

Internet has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, in a sense, the Internet is more like a link, a breakthrough in time and space will be our shackles, with all kinds of goods and services connected.

in the Internet as a link in the process, according to the different attributes of goods and services, there will inevitably be the issue of conversion rate. For example, compared with the basic necessities of life and other normal goods, services, medicines and related services is very special, in the wave of the Internet, the conversion rate is low. read more

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WAL MART to enter e commerce 1 shop is a real opponent

recently said that the world’s largest retailer WAL-MART will enter China and Japan’s e-commerce sector, is actively building a business platform. WAL-MART in the United States and the United Kingdom has developed a strong online business, e-commerce platform built in Asia’s largest consumer market in China and Japan, to seize the initiative of the network platform is imperative. However, WAL-MART as a foreign traditional retail giant " ", whether in the China fun e-commerce read more

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Electricity supplier point of view please do not bully fooled consumers

The rapid development of

electricity supplier does bring benefits and convenience for consumers, but the recent negative news of the electricity supplier also let consumers have a new understanding of the electricity supplier. The first is the threat of harassment of Taobao sellers consumers, and then there is the wrong price of the Amazon Apple computer, also appeared in the 1 store leaked user information events. It seems in the era of consumer electricity supplier is no longer a God, but a lamb to be slaughtered. Electricity providers please fly point, please do not bully fooled consumers. read more

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Amoy Ocean how easy fun wireless train

mobile Internet gradually prosperous, Taobao in recent years to promote the mobile terminal, after all kinds of mobile terminals have become our necessities of life, and we take the mobile phone closely, idle time out to look at the video and browse the web plate. Taobao mobile phone downloads app store, Android long-term occupy the forefront of the market, but also bring the corresponding mobile terminal traffic more. As sellers, how do we cater to this opportunity today, Amoy blue ocean for a brief analysis. read more

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Accelerate the development of foreign trade e commerce with the advantage of logistics declaration

Despite the recent U.S.

printing press printed lead to a series of exchange rate fluctuations, directly affect the export trade, as Yiwu’s currency exchange rate changes to reduce the anticipated profits of enterprises, Chinese Yiwu foreign trade network to remind the majority of households face of exchange rate fluctuations in foreign trade to ensure smooth logistics and customs clearance conditions, strengthen cooperation and reasonable allocation of orders among peers, understand the foreign trade policy focus timely to capture new business opportunities in the use of e-commerce platform, the resources as a favorable way to reduce the risk of. read more

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My business in rural electricity supplier and rural love story

with the advent of the Internet era, the electricity supplier industry is raging like a storm. Every single day, people also have to "take off", have fallen in love with the online shopping. With the annual sales of 11 new year to create new myths, the Internet seems to build a convenient life for the people of the bridge.

however, the large number of the network shopping mall for express delivery and operation process cumbersome regional limitations, resulting in most of the countryside are unable to enjoy life so fast. But, you know? The old man recently quietly fell in love with my business in rural electricity providers, a real understanding of the needs of rural mall. read more

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Continuous reform and innovation in order to maintain the rapid development of e commerce

in 2008 China’s online shopping market has achieved rapid growth, the transaction size of 128 billion 180 million yuan, an increase of up to 128.5%, online shopping has become the economic pillar of China’s e-commerce market. If it is said that the e-commerce market to maintain rapid growth, a little understanding of e-commerce is known to all, innovation. However, the status quo of the domestic e-commerce market, a single innovation has been difficult to maintain the rapid development of e-commerce in the future, only the continuous innovation in order to maintain the rapid development of e-commerce. read more

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What is the first Taobao creation Festival The three day program

Ali also made following the double eleven day, Tmall shopping carnival, three day Taobao creation festival will begin today, different from the double eleven online buy buy buy, Taobao creation Festival is offline experience Carnival feast.


from today (22 days) until the beginning of 24, will be held three days of "the first Taobao creation Festival" in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, set net star, red, new product experience, entertainment, rely on innovation, personality, high quality, high quality products, content marketing drive. Yesterday IT home already SYPC creation festival scene, the festival officially began today, even if you don’t have the opportunity to visit the site, also can through live video to find out. read more

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Tencent electricity supplier CEO Wu Xiaoguang strive to achieve 200 billion within 5 years

electricity supplier in the field of fierce competition in China’s Internet industry, Tencent has been a low-key player.

in May this year, the Tencent completed a new round of organizational restructuring, the establishment of Tencent electric holding company (ECC) focus on the operation of e-commerce business, plans to spend $1 billion to build its brand, technology and business model, and appointed Tencent im QQ first product manager Wu Xiaoguang helm. Wu Xiaoguang recently accepted the "First Financial Daily" interview with reporters to talk about its development in the future. Compared to interactive entertainment, instant messaging, the recruits were selected for the Tencent in the mobile Internet Era "Pathfinder", and is expected to through the "independent listing" means to seek the next value. read more

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The State Council issued a document to promote the development of rural electricity supplier million

General Office of the State Council on promoting

guidance to accelerate the development of rural e-commerce

issued 2015 No. 78

people’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under the State Council:

rural e-commerce is an important means to change the mode of agricultural development, is an important carrier of accurate poverty alleviation. Through public entrepreneurship, innovation, play the role of market mechanism, accelerate the development of rural e-commerce, combine and store electricity suppliers, the real economy and the Internet have synergistic effect, conducive to promoting consumption, expanding domestic demand, promote the upgrading of agriculture, rural development and farmers’ income. With the approval of the State Council, we hereby put forward the following opinions on accelerating the development of rural e-commerce: read more

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Tencent micro shopping hand in hand to open the new electricity supplier OPPO N1

at noon on October 10th 12, Tencent micro shopping hand in hand well-known domestic mobile phone brand OPPO successfully achieved the industry’s first mobile phone sales through WeChat platform. According to the Tencent micro shopping official data show that 99 yuan OPPO N1 early adopters of panic buying "activities within half an hour to attract up to 1 million 400 thousand users in 10 at noon, from 11:30 to 12:30, panic buying activity page views more than 20 million times per second and 66000 peak concurrent users. read more

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Take the shoes footwear B2C website network to join the network fake group

online shopping has become a way of life, while the flood of online fakes out of private enterprise itself, the "professional" network fake group. It is based on this case, netizens officially launched the network fake group ", trying to protect the interests of consumers online shopping with folk strength. The rise of private enforcement power, also have a lot of friends exclaimed, do not know if this is the online shopping industry, sad or helpless.

in more and more users online shopping addiction, behind the rapid expansion of the online shopping market, because online shopping without bills, fake certification difficult and other issues, fooled consumers tend to fall into the plight of powerless adults. It is reported that the network crackdown has a very systematic division of group of articles, including the genuine website group, fake lawyers, market research group, brand enterprise group, group secretary and several other departments fake fake, in each big website, online shopping platform. Making shoes is the electronic commerce platform Chinese network’s shoes, making shoes franchise genuine brand shoes, is the country’s largest brand shoes online sales square, making shoes in the network fake group ", join the genuine website group, which not only the maintenance of making shoes authentic website interests, is to increase a group of fake fake crackdown, to protect the interests of consumers. read more

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